To the Honorable Governor Paterson:

The Flushing Remonstrance, signed in Flushing over 350 years ago, encapsulates the spirit of our earliest founders and of our own in the quest of freedom.

We must not allow such a document to be stored deep within the halls of New York State Archives when millions of people are striving for freedom everyday in our own country and abroad.

The time has come to recognize New York’s position in history as a place of welcoming streets and neighborhoods that house and employ people from nations around the world.

We are the great gathering that much of human history has proven impossible.

To both honor the citizens of New York, who have made violent human history obsolete, and our predecessors who drafted The Flushing Remonstrance, a declaration which defined the American free spirit, we request that you, Honorable Governor, permanently display this most significant document, The Flushing Remonstrance, to the citizens who live its dream.

Place The Flushing Remonstrance in the first home of the United Nations, the cradle of the Declaration of Human Rights, and the anchor of two World’s Fairs that defined the vision of the future we live, in what is today the Queen Museum of Art.

The Queens Museum of Art is a state of the art, well managed, and secure facility that, once its renovation is completed, will make the perfect home to view The Flushing Remonstrance.

Let the Citizens of Tomorrow live the dreams we live today. Let them know that the dream and a life of freedom is the foundation of our society. Most importantly, let them know that it was the vision of our fellow citizens over 350 years ago that people from all the nations and races can and will live together.

This is my letter to request that The Flushing Remonstrance remains on permanent loan to the Queens Museum of Art once renovations are completed so that it may be forever displayed to all who visit.



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